Macaron Fillings Handbook

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This macaron fillings handbook is all about mastering classic macaron fillings, from ganache and buttercream fillings to curds and confitures, and more! This ebook is more than just tried and tested recipes!

In this handbook, you will:

  • learn the best practices for filling and maturing macarons

  • how to create silky smooth ganache fillings

  • learn the difference between American, Swiss and French buttercreams

  • how to flavor and customize buttercream fillings

  • learn to make various fruit curds and confitures

  • how to make a thick and creamy salted caramel filling

  • troubleshooting tips and so much more!

*See the attached "Table of Content" above.

Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to go beyond the recipes included in this e-book and create your very own masterpieces!

I can’t wait for you to play with different fillings and create exciting new macaron flavors!!

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Macaron Fillings Handbook

5 ratings